Huawei Fit Watch is a rectangular Apple Watch clone


Huawei Fit Watch: An Apple Watch clone with a rectangular screen

There has been regular talk of an Apple Watch with a round screen, because watches are traditionally often round. Chances are that Apple will do it. But the aspect ratio of the screen could still change. Instead of almost square, Apple could opt for a more rectangular screen… as Huawei has now done. The Huawei Fit Watch was supposed to be announced during IFA 2020, but the event is canceled and many planned announcements therefore fall into the water or leak prematurely. There is also said to be a round of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and Amazfit has four new watches planned, including the GTS 2.

Photos and specs leaked
The Huawei Fit Watch has not yet been officially announced. However, photos, specs and a price have now been leaked, which are probably quite reliable. Most notable is the stretched screen of 456 x 280 pixels, which is much longer than usual with smartwatches. Such an elongated design has not often been seen and it remains to be seen whether Apple will ever choose this. Samsung has opted for this in the past with the Samsung Gear S, but it had a curved screen and gave more the impression of a bracelet.

Of course, more information will fit on the screen in this way, as the images show. The screen is 1.64-inch diagonal. In terms of specs, this watch has built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor and a barometer. The battery lasts 10 days and you can dive underwater to a depth of 5 atmospheres.

Huawei Fit Watch leaked

The price is a joke for Apple users: € 119 each. The competition will therefore mainly have to come from Fitbit, which generally has somewhat cheaper-priced watches. Huawei’s approach with this watch also targets the Fitbit audience: the emphasis is on sports and fitness. You could think of workouts on the screen, for example for running and other sports.


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