How soon can we expect Android 11?


You may be able to admire Android 11 faster than you think.

Like every autumn, Android will get a new version this year. Every new version has new functions, so enthusiasts are looking forward to it. If the calculations are correct, it may take less time this year.

Google leaked Pixel 5 launch date

Google’s own smartphone, the Pixel, is not officially released in the Netherlands to date. Still, there is interest in it because the smartphone is popular. For fans of the Pixel 5, there is good news, because Google leaked the launch date this morning, which is on October 8.

Of course, the latest version of Android belongs to the latest flagship, so we can conclude that the introduction of Android 11 should be at least before October 8.

When do we expect Android 11

The previous version was rolled out from September 3, 2019. The Pixel 4 was then announced on October 15 and released on October 24.

That would mean that this year, if you keep the same schedule, they should be a week earlier, so you could expect the new operating system on August 27.

What can we say about the launch date?

By the way, we keep the proverbial battle around the arm, because Google first accidentally leaked a launch date of 8 September. Later she nuanced this. Be that as it may, the enthusiast is expected to be up and running with its built-in Red Velvet Cake within a month. Navigate tasty.


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