How fast is Takeaway growing thanks to corona?


Analysts think Just Eat Takeaway grew strongly in the first half of the year thanks to the corona crisis.

The corona crisis may be one big misery for the majority of companies, but for the Dutch meal delivery company Just Eat Takeaway

it is a blessing. Due to the quarantine measures, hungry home sitters were ordering online en masse so that the girls and boys from the meal delivery could bring their hot meals home.

Analysts therefore expect Takeaway to have grown significantly in the first half of the year. “We foresee a 39 percent revenue growth,” says ING analyst Marc Hesselink. According to Hesselink, the margin would have remained the same at 11 percent because the high turnover growth is offset by substantial investments. ‘We think that the company will continue to increase investments in the second half of the year and in 2021 to guarantee future expansion.’


The analyst does not think the positive impact of corona on sales will be short-lived. “We expect that the majority of new customers will stay and that the higher order frequency will continue in the coming years.”

Hesselink expects the gross operating profit to amount to 110 million euros, but states that it is also not a major problem if the company cannot live up to that expectation. “In our opinion, revenue growth is now much more important.”


In addition to the figures from Just Eat Takeaway, you can also look forward to the half-year results of the communication specialist Zenitel on Wednesday. There is also a figure on European industrial production in June. Economists expect an increase in production of 10 percent month on month.

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