“How did this happen to him?”: The mystery of Janiotis in Greece


In Greece are surprised by the decision of who is considered one of the best goalkeepers in Greece, Andreas Janiotis to return to the humble Atromitos. In the goalkeeper’s homeland they analyzed the goalkeeper’s loan deal and what made him return. “What happened to Yaniotis at Maccabi, it is not understood. After one season, he gave up an agreement of 400 thousand euros from Maccabi Tel Aviv, to receive 110 thousand euros (plus bonuses) from Atromitos. This collapse is unclear. How did that happen to him? ”

“He received an astronomical salary from Maccabi Tel Aviv and refused to stay at Olympiacos. Janiotis was one of the best goalkeepers in Greece, and was seen on the King’s Road. “But then he came to Maccabi Tel Aviv after constant pressure from the coach, Vladimir Ivitch,” they added, “even though Yaniotis was the coach’s direct signing, he became a huge disappointment in Israel. Andreas seemed lacking in passion, and seemed to have come to terms with being on the bench.”

“Janiotis realized he would be the second goalkeeper this year as well, even before a new coach joined. It was clear he would continue on the bench,” they concluded, “so he agreed to give up so much to get back to Greece, and maybe get his career back on track.”


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