How a village was affected by the corona virus: ‘The story of Boekel’


At the beginning of March, Boekel is at the center of the corona crisis. A close-knit municipality with over 10,000 inhabitants will have to deal with 21 people who die from the effects of the corona virus in four weeks. Jos Verkuijlen and and Dennis Stafleu made the documentary ‘The story of Boekel’ for Omroep Brabant about this period.

The impact of the corona crisis is significant in the village. At funerals where 600 people would come to church, only thirty people can enter. “The immediate family is, as it were, sedated in the pews. The relatives do their thing, but it is not as they are used to,” says deacon Henk van Thiel.

Stories collected
Not being able to meet as you are used to, not being able to say goodbye as you would like and the sadness that remains. All this leaves its mark in the village. Filmmakers Jos Verkuijlen and Dennis Stafleu spent the entire month of June in Boekel. They collected the stories of the inhabitants of Boekel to paint a picture of the effect that the coronavirus has on a close-knit community.

What does this grief do to the village? But also: how is the thread slowly picking up again at the sports association, the church, the catering industry, the volunteers and companies?

You can watch the documentary ‘The Story of Boekel’ below:


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