HOT mobile has begun an attempt to implement the fifth generation 5G network


Company HOT mobile Today reports on a number of important moves in the field of cellular infrastructure: after in January 2019 it announced a collaboration with Nokia in favor of its first network experiment Fifth generation 5GHOT mobile reports today that in recent months, after successful laboratory experiments, the company has begun a pilot to implement 5G technology, based on Ericsson’s 5th generation sites, which include performance tests and technological capabilities and combined testing of applications compatible with the network’s advanced capabilities.

The company has set up a 5G network with Nokia. Based on cloud infrastructures, which will enable developments and the provision of advanced services. The investment is estimated at tens of millions of shekels. As part of the laboratory experiments conducted by the company, it managed to reach surfing rates of about 1.3 GB per second from a mobile device and now the company is in an advanced process of field trials to examine the technological capabilities and true scenarios of customer experience.

HOT mobile also reports on a technological innovation program for locating startups with innovative technologies in the 5G fields. The first collaboration will be with the high-tech company Nexar (Nexar), While leveraging 5G technology. Nexar has developed technology that uses smart car cameras and mass sourcing to produce a vivid picture of the road and urban environment, in real time and on an unprecedented scale. The technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and processes all the information received from car and cellular cameras to provide a snapshot of what is happening on the roads.

Nexar and HOT mobile will leverage the 5G infrastructure to process and analyze the images locally, enabling the creation of computational power that will form the basis for innovative applications such as smart cities, road accident prevention and real-time parking detection and municipal property management. Nexar’s technology is already deployed in the United States, but the deployment in Israel in collaboration with HOT mobile will enable the transformation of all of Israel into a smart country, by creating a comprehensive image in real time and processing the information in a way that will be the first of its kind in the world.

This collaboration is part of the company’s strategy to locate partnerships with technology companies with innovative technologies in the cellular and 5G fields in order to encourage technological innovation. The program will promote collaborations with companies, with innovative and groundbreaking technologies that will meet defined challenges in diverse fields. In the coming months, the company is expected to announce further collaborations in this area.

The 5G deployment, the next generation of cellular communications, is expected to bring customers significantly higher connection speeds than those of the + 4G generation and will allow a maximum download speed of up to 20Gbps. This rate will be possible when the entire spectrum intended for technology is allocated including in the field of millimeter waves. The 5G deployment will affect a wide range of applications and industries, improved video viewing, advanced IoT (Internet of Things) services at home, in industry and everywhere, smart cars and a large variety of connected devices that can communicate with each other continuously and with minimal delay. There are already a number of uses that need these capabilities which are enabled in 5th generation for example performing remote surgeries, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The HOT mobile network enables 5G capabilities and the launch of advanced services based on these capabilities, subject to regulatory advances and advances in the deployment of 5th generation antennas.


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