Hospitality industry questions new corona rules Financial


Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge (Public Health) announced at a press conference about the re-flared coronavirus new measures for the catering industry: reservations are required, guests are requested to register and only seats are allowed. Catering establishments are closed for two weeks if, according to the GGD, multiple infections occur.

It is not the relaxation that the industry hoped for, but according to director Dirk Beljaarts there is an understanding of that. “If the picture of the infections goes in the wrong direction, everyone should be held accountable. We did not expect any relaxations now. ”

Beljaarts thought the way in which the catering industry was addressed during the press conference was unjustified. “I notice that emphasis on the catering industry. Why only the catering industry while you can also be infected at the supermarket or in public transport? The chance that it will happen in the catering industry is no greater. ”

Guests are requested to register their name and contact information before entering to enable source and contact research. Mandatory registration is not permitted under privacy legislation. Reservation is mandatory again, a ‘step back’, says Beljaarts.

KHN expects the impact on business operations to be significant. “That is one side of the coin. But on the other hand: entrepreneurs are already working on the rules day in, day out. This does not change this press conference. If it makes guests feel safer, that’s only fine. ”


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