Hospitality in Gelderland understands measures, but is not going to ask for a passport


Prime Minister Rutte said in a new press conference that the catering industry should provisionally write down contact details for guests. The treasurer of the Gelderland department of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), immediately started making a note for his guests on Thursday after Rutte’s press conference.

Visitors to catering establishments must register their name and contact details on arrival, so that this information can be used for source and contact research. A logical measure, Hüning calls it. “We don’t want a second lockdown and if everyone uses their common sense, then there is simply nothing wrong”, says de Aaltenaar.

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But how do you as a host check that the guest fills in the correct information? Hüning: “That is a very good one. I am not going to ask people for their passport. And that is not necessary here either. In the Achterhoek, people are sensible enough to participate in the government’s corona measures.”

How different it is for the Eastern neighbors. Hüning: “My wife and I were on Monday for a bite to eat in Bocholt, just across the border. People have to wear face masks there, but because they have to do that, they feel safe. Nobody keeps their distance. They just bump into you. ”

Temporary closure threatens with multiple infections

In the catering industry, it does not stop at the registration of guests who want to come for a drink or pick a fork. If the GGD establishes that several infections have occurred at a catering establishment, the case can be closed for fourteen days. People will not be that stupid with us, says Hüning.

The restaurant owner and Gelderse KHN treasurer says he is not afraid of fewer guests now that they have to leave their contact details upon entering. “People just want to get out after all those months of lockdown. These are heyday for us.”

“This is not that complicated”

The new measures have yet to land at other catering establishments. Isa Beijer of Restaurant Parkzicht in Nijmegen: “We have read it, we are of course busy working and still have to think about it. I am not yet sure what I think about it.”

It is not complicated to note the address details of guests. “We do that with reservations anyway. 95 percent of the tables reserve with us, so we automatically have that information already.”

The two restaurants in Harderwijk and Ermelo with the name De Boterlap have been keeping contact details since the re-opening of the catering industry on 1 June, explains company manager Wilco van Ark. “We did that to make things easier for the GGD. But we have noticed that the guests have started to like it less.”

Nevertheless, he understands the tightening up of the measures. Something has to be done, says Van Ark. “But I do have the idea that the catering industry is being tackled a bit harshly. The suffering should be spread more widely across society.”

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