Horner about angry on-board radio Verstappen: “He doesn’t have the whole picture”


Max Verstappen made a lot of noise about the on-board radio during the Spanish Grand Prix, because he did not agree with the chosen strategy. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner understands the frustration, but believes that the Verstappen engineer handled it well.

Verstappen managed to pass Valtteri Bottas at the start and then came to the tail of Hamilton. He was able to follow his rival fine for a few laps, but as the race progressed, the gap got bigger and bigger. Verstappen could not ride the pace of Hamilton on the soft tire and also struggled with this compound. He let his engineer know this several times, but Red Bull refused to bring him in. This caused a lot of frustration at Verstappen, who also made this clearly known about the on-board radio. Horner gets it, but also defends the choice of the strategic people at Red Bull.

At the pit wall and at the headquarters in Milton Keynes, several Red Bull analysts and strategists are working to determine the best possible strategy for Verstappen. From his car, Verstappen cannot all know what has been calculated behind the scenes, says Horner. “He doesn’t have the whole picture, which the strategists have. He is ambitious and wants to push. However, you also hear that his engineer is very clear to him about what his job is”, the team boss said opposite. Sky Sports.

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Horner also explains why Red Bull chose to keep Verstappen on the track longer than he liked. This had everything to do with the danger of both Racing Point cars. “We didn’t want him in traffic, we would have had tire problems,” said Horner, who must admit that attacking Hamilton has never been an option. “It was more a matter of keeping Valtteri behind than attacking Lewis.”

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