Horner about Albon: “Criticism of him is unjustified”


Alexander Albon replaced Pierre Gasly at Red Bull Racing last summer after the summer break. The two changed seats after Gasly drove around in the other Red Bull car, struggling against Max Verstappen, for more than six months. Until the last moment, team boss Christian Horner supported the Frenchman.

The same is now happening at Albon. The friendly realistic Albon is doing his best, but is not yet able to tap the level of Max Verstappen. Where the Dutchman competes for the podium places, it is difficult for the Thai Brit to collect points.

Add to that the crashes and clashes with other drivers, which is putting his position under pressure. Various names have already been called in the media to replace him, so that Red Bull has two drivers who compete for the podiums. Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez have all been discussed in German and British media. Even the name of Pierre Gasly fell for a moment, because he managed to beat Albon twice in the lesser car of AlphaTauri.

Horner defends Albon

However, his team boss at Red Bull Racing defends him. Christian Horner has his own view of it: “Looking back at the first race in Austria, his strategy enabled him to win that race and was eliminated by Lewis Hamilton. He finished fourth in the race thereafter and fifth in Hungary.”

Red Bull is aware that the work that has been done is not enough to participate in the victories: “We know that the car we delivered to our drivers this year is not optimal and that it has some difficult features. a driver who has no experience is hard to deal with, but the way he handled the situation and the way he handled the pressure was impressive I think he needs time and we do our best to supporting him as much as possible and things like the experience of the race engineer he’s working with now will only improve that. ”

“Alex is doing well and I think the criticism he is receiving is unfair and not fair.”


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