“Hopefully De Bruyne will be able to lift the cup with the big ears up this year” | Champions League


From today there is a quarter final of the Champions League on the menu for 4 evenings. Bayern, Barcelona, ​​PSG, City or a surprise: who will take the coveted trophy this season? Cocommentator and analyst Eddy Snelders weighs up and weighs the odds of the 8 remaining clubs.

“Atalanta can make the PSG difficult”

Atalanta and PSG open the quarterfinals tonight. “If you had said before the start of the Champions League that Atalanta would reach the quarter-finals, everyone would have shrugged,” says Snelders.

“Atalanta was still a relatively unknown team at the time, but has brought the most refreshing football in Italy this season. The Bergamo team has been fighting for 2nd place in offensive football for a long time. That is anti-Italian.”

“Because it is such a strong entity, Atalanta also deserves to be in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.”

“It will of course be very difficult against PSG, because there is an incredible amount of talent in the team. But the fact that the quarterfinals have to be decided in 1 match may be in Atalanta’s advantage.”

“The Italians will play free and free, while PSG has not given a fresh impression lately. In addition, Mbappé was kicked off the field during the cup final, but he will probably be there tonight. In these special circumstances Atalanta can make PSG difficult. . ”

“Leipzig often provides the surprise”

Tomorrow Leipzig and Atletico Madrid will fight for a place in the semi-finals. “Leipzig is a surprise even more than Atalanta in the quarterfinals, but the Germans are well deserved.”

“With Timo Werner they have lost one of their gems. It will not be easy to absorb that loss in the attack.”

“Leipzig is a team that often provides the surprise. The Belgian teams know Salzburg well. Well, Leipzig plays according to the same pattern as Salzburg, but a step further. It is a team with a lot of running power and depth.”

“Bayern has a 65% chance, Barcelona 35%”

On Friday, superpowers Barcelona and Bayern will face each other. “It is a pity that 1 of those 2 teams will be out after the quarterfinals. But that’s the way it goes with draws.”

“If the draw were like in tennis, then there is a good chance that Bayern and Barcelona would only meet in the final. But it is not the case now, 1 of those 2 top players will have to go home.”

“It will be a very difficult evening for Barcelona. At Barça it is all a bit less than in previous years. Bayern, on the other hand, is the Bayern of the last years. If they have to be there, they are there with the necessary results.”

“I think the difference between the two teams can be relatively large on neutral grounds. Bayern’s intrinsic class is much bigger than Barcelona’s at the moment.”

“After the corona crisis, it was very difficult for Barcelona. They played without conviction. Everything revolves around Messi, but he is now 33 years old. He still plays at a high level, but is a little less. And that brings Barcelona in. the problems. I give Bayern a 65 percent chance, Barcelona 35. ”

“Champions League must make up for City’s season”

On Saturday, Kevin De Bruyne chases with Manchester City for the last ticket for the semi-finals.

“For City this is the only ‘target’ that remains in a season in which it missed the main prize in its own country: both the league and the cup. The Champions League must make up for the season of Guardiola and City.”

“Lyon is normally the most feasible card of all the teams in the quarter-finals. But you still have to win against it.”

Is the key in the hands of Kevin De Bruyne? “He manifests himself more and more every season. De Bruyne has become one of the star players on the international football front. If you name a circle of world toppers, De Bruyne is always there.”

“He has already come an incredible road. For Belgium that is something to be proud of. We must cherish this. De Bruyne’s achievements now seem to be self-evident, but they are not at all. I hope that De Bruyne can continue. and stick up the cup with the big ears. ”

Who will win the Champions League according to Snelders? “Manchester City or Bayern Munich.”


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