‘Hopeful start’ for Douglas: ‘Not in top shape, but just stay calm’


Douglas Franco Teixeira, Douglas for short, feels like a footballer three years after his last official game. On Sunday, he played 45 minutes in the exhibition game between Go Ahead Eagles and Telstar (0-0).

The story is known: Douglas made a furore at FC Twente between 2007 and 2013, but afterwards his career fell flat. Almost three years after his doping suspension at Sporting Portugal, the Brazilian Dutchman is back, as a test player at Go Ahead Eagles. In Deventer he still looked on the heavy side, but Douglas is satisfied.

“Yes, I am satisfied. After such a long time playing again for 45 minutes, that is nice”, Douglas reacts in front of FOX Sports’ camera. “I am happy that I can play football again. But I am not there for myself yet. Physically I am not yet in top shape, but I still have time for that. Just stay calm, try to get better every day.”

Kees van Wonderen, trainer of Go Ahead, spoke of a ‘hopeful start’. “Douglas comes from very far and entered here without a rhythm. Of course everything can be done better, fitter and more agile. But as he has filled it in now, I think it is hopeful.”


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