Hong Kong searches for refugee activists and wants to arrest them NOW


The Hong Kong police are looking for at least six prodemocratic activists who are currently abroad. That reports BBC News Friday evening. The police would like to arrest the activists for violating the new security law.

A number of prominent activists from the prodemocratic group Demosisto left Hong Kong in early July, after the new security law was passed there. Because of the law, there may have been fear of demonstrating. Demosisto was dissolved several hours after the passing of the law.

The activists are now located in several Western countries, including the United Kingdom. One of the wanted activists, Nathan Law, previously indicated that he would continue his activism from abroad.

Hong Kong police would now like to arrest the activists. According to the Chinese state channel CCTV, the activists are calling for secession from China. They are also suspected of colluding with foreign powers.

The Chinese People’s Congress unanimously adopted the controversial security law, which gives Beijing greater influence in Hong Kong, in early July. The law allows China to crack down on opposition politicians and activists.

When convicted under the security law, the activists can be sentenced to life imprisonment.


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