Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Leigh arrested on suspicion of “liaising with foreign forces”


Hong Kong police have arrested media tycoon and regime critic Jimmy Lei on suspicion of conspiring with “foreign forces”.

Under the law, which restricts the city’s autonomy, authorities can track down civilians, eavesdrop on them and even sentence them to life in prison for sedition and conspiracy with foreign forces.

Leigh’s arrest reinforces fears of activists and opposition figures that the new law will be used to silence critical voices and the city’s free press as part of a widespread move against pro-democracy activists.

Lei’s company, Next Digital, publishes the Apple Daily, a militant pro – democracy newspaper that regularly slams the Hong Kong government and Chinese leadership, and is frequently denounced by Chinese officials, Beijing – backed media and the Chinese national media.

Jimmy Lay’s arrest Photo: Reuters

“Apple Daily” broadcast live this morning (Monday) a raid of more than a hundred police officers on Lei’s company headquarters. The video shows police officers passing papers on reporters ‘desks while Lei and company CEO Chaung Kim Hong are led out of offices while handcuffed. Police officers also blocked the entrance to Lei’s office and several reporters’ positions.

Jimmy Lay (Archive) Jimmy Lay (Archive) Photo: Reuters

Apple Daily reported that my 72-year-old son was questioned under allegations of contact with a foreign country or foreign entities. Mark Simon, Leigh’s assistant, Mark Simon, said Leigh’s two sons had also been arrested and that they were being investigated on suspicion of corruption. He noted that the two boys are not affiliated with Apple Daily, suggesting that authorities are using them to investigate Lei’s private investments. According to Simon, a number of senior officials at Next Digital will be questioned by police at their homes. In addition, an employee of the newspaper said that the police also confiscated large quantities of documents.

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