Holidaymakers spend extra hours on the busy European roads Inland



It was a busy day on European roads to holiday destinations on Saturday. In France, Austria, Germany and Italy, people had to take hours of extra travel time into account. At the end of the afternoon the delay decreased somewhat.

The biggest bottleneck was the A10 / 11 in Austria on Saturday, according to the ANWB. From Salzburg to the border with Slovenia, travelers had to take into account an extra 5 hours of travel time. That includes the 3 hour waiting time for the Karawankentunnel.

There were also long waiting times on French roads such as the Autoroute du Soleil (A7) and the A10 towards Bordeaux. For France it is the first black Saturday of this summer. At noon, the French gendarmerie had a total of 760 kilometers of traffic jam on French roads. That is 2 kilometers less than there was on the first black Saturday in 2019

In Italy, there was a lot of traffic on the way to the Adriatic coast. It was also hours of slow driving on the A12 between Genoa and Pisa.

People traveling to their holiday destination via Germany should also take extra travel time into account. For example, it was fixed for the Danish border for hours. Many Danes return home because the school holidays end.

There were no traffic jams this time towards Spain. Many holidaymakers shun Spain because of the local coronavirus outbreaks in that country.


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