Holiday crowds on motorways in Europe


Saturday is “very busy” on the motorways in Europe. The lengths of traffic jams are increasing especially on the major transit routes to popular holiday destinations, says an ANWB spokesperson. Although the crowds are “quite normal” for Black Saturday in most countries, the heat makes it “not easy” in some places, according to the spokesperson. The major bottlenecks are in Austria and France.

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From the Austrian city of Salzburg to the border with Slovenia, motorists on the A10 and A11 must take into account more than five hours of extra travel time. In Italy, the delay on the A1 from Milan to the Adriatic coast is about 2.5 hours and on the A12 between Genoa and Pisa two hours. At the Gotthard tunnel to Switzerland, there is an hour and a half traffic jam. In the south, the delay is one hour. Because it is quite hot in some places in Italy, the ANWB recommends bringing enough drinking water. Motorists can also try masking their windows or looking for alternative routes.

In France, many people are mainly on the Autoroute du Soleil, where the temperature rises to 39 degrees in some places. Between Vienne and Orange, the delay increases to 3.5 hours. In the direction of Bordeaux, the traffic on the A10 takes 2.5 hours longer. At noon, according to the gendarmerie, there was a 760 kilometer traffic jam in France, making this first Black Saturday of the year for the French comparable to that of last year.

Twitter avatar ANWBeuropa ANWBeuropa At around noon, the French Gendarmerie had a total of 760 km of traffic jam on French roads; that is 2 kilometers less than was the first Black Saturday in 2019 #France

That is striking, says a spokesman for the ANWB, because of the negative travel advice for Spain regarding corona. “Normally it is completely fixed on a day like this between Avignon and Spain. The fact that there is just as much traffic jam now means that it is really very busy in the rest of France. ”

Holidaymakers traveling through Germany must also take into account considerable delays. The delay is more than three hours on the A7 from Hamburg to Flensburg. Those traveling on the A9 from Nuremberg to Munich will take about an hour longer than usual. The ANWB expects it to remain so busy for a while, but at the end of the afternoon the traffic jams should resolve.


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