History: The Israeli Air Force flies over Dachau and the village …


First publication: The Israeli Air Force will send fighter jets to Germany and participate in the training of the two air soldiers on state soil. During the joint training, Air Force planes will for the first time fly honor over the Dachau concentration camp, where more than 30,000 Jews were massacred, and will also pass over the Olympic Village in Munich where 11 Israeli athletes were killed in 1972.

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The training is expected to take place this coming September under the Corona limits. During it, a number of fighter squadrons will practice air battles, long-range sorties and aerial refueling. The decision to hold the historic training despite the stricter restrictions was made at the Air Force headquarters in recent days, where they are already working with their counterparts in Germany on the latest details. This visit is the culmination of the deep and special cooperation between the Israeli and German air forces.

The Dachau concentration camp from the air | Photo: reuters

Last summer, the Air Force Commander, Major General Amikam Nurkin, visited Germany and the United Kingdom to develop and deepen international cooperation between the Air Forces. “We meet here and remember what happened in the past, and do together everything possible for the future,” General Nurkin said during the visit.

Commander of the Air Force in Germany
Commander of the Air Force in Germany

“Our people remember and do not forget, and look forward out of a strong desire to be an air force that guarantees the future of future generations. 71 years after the establishment of the Air Force, we are an object of pride and a source for strengthening Israel’s strength and world ties.”

Further cooperation between Germany and Israel

Meanwhile, the German army will lease from Israel seven “strong” UAVs that will initially be operated from the Tel Nof Air Force base, where dozens of German teams will undergo training and training in their operation in preparation for their use in combat zones in African and Asian countries. No less than 35 German teams will be trained Training in operating the UAVs during this period. The aim of the project is to assist in the future the German army forces operating in Afghanistan and Mali.

Tse plane
Between workouts: long-range sorties and aerial refueling | Photo: IDF Spokesman

Recently, Capt. D and Capt. T, air crew members from Germany, were hosted in Squadron 105, as part of an exchange of crews carried out by the Air Force. “We are exchanging crews in order to strengthen the cooperation of the Israeli Air Force with air forces from around the world.”

At the same time, the Israeli crews are visiting Germany: “Their visit is very similar to the visit of the foreign team here,” noted Sergeant Yoav Lang, who serves in the International Coordinating Branch. “The German Air Force is very advanced and professional. Knowledge sharing, senior meetings and joint training. ”


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