Historic Air Force flight over Nazi concentration camp – Security News


מטס חיל האוויר

Air Force MetsPhoto: Eliran Aharon

The Israeli Air Force will send fighter jets to Germany and participate in the training of the two air soldiers on state soil.

News 12 reported that during the joint training, Air Force planes will for the first time perform a show flight over the Dachau concentration camp, in which more than 30,000 Jews were slaughtered, as well as an honor flight over the Olympic Village in Munich in which 11 Israeli athletes were killed in 1972.

The training is expected to take place this coming September under the Corona limits. The commander of the Air Force, Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin, visited Germany and the United Kingdom last summer to develop and deepen international cooperation between the Air Force.

“We meet here and remember what happened in the past, and do together everything possible for the future,” General Nurkin said during the visit.

“Our people remember and do not forget, and look forward with a strong desire to be an air force that guarantees the future of future generations. 71 years after the establishment of the Air Force, we are an object of pride and a source of strengthening Israel’s strength and state ties in the world,” Nurkin added.


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