Hint at new PlayStation 5 revelations


We can expect new PlayStation 5 disclosures soon, it seems.

It has been quiet for a while since Sony released information about the new PS5. In June, the Japanese company organized a State of Play event where the console was presented. We are already back in August, waiting for new information.

However, it seems that we can expect PlayStation 5 disclosures soon. The hint comes from developments on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. On the channel, the playlist ‘PS5 – The Future Of Gaming’ was updated two days ago. The playlist contains the latest official videos related to the PlayStation 5.

The fact that the State of Play event was almost two months ago and the fact that we are now in August makes it very likely that news will come out soon. Sony was expected to share more about the PS5 in August. With new PlayStation 5 revelations, Sony can, among other things, reveal a release date or a price. New games and other peripheral issues regarding the console can also be announced during such an event.

The playlist The Future of Gaming on the YouTube channel of PlayStation currently contains 36 videos. Together good for more than 2 million views.


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