Hezbollah has uncovered an Israeli listening device


Pictures published on Lebanese television show the device, which according to foreign reports is an Israeli device for listening purposes. The device is located in the Jazin area in southern Lebanon. The photos come on the recent rift on the northern border.

Photographs distributed today (Sunday) on the Lebanese communications network “Al-Miyadin” show a tool that is in the field, according to the Lebanese channel, it is a listening device on behalf of Israel. According to the report, the device was located in the Jazin area in southern Lebanon.

Lebanese television

The reports come amid ongoing tensions on the northern border. Last week, a serious incident occurred on Mount Dov, in which a squad of terrorists penetrated a few meters beyond the blue line into the sovereign territory of the State of Israel. IDF forces opened fire on the terrorists and the squad fled to Lebanese territory.

The Hezbollah organization, as they say, denied that it carried out the intrusion: “The reports in Israel are false. Hezbollah has made it clear that the response to the killing of the operative in the attack in Syria “will come with certainty.”


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