“He’s just not good enough”


KAA Gent lost 2-1 on the field of Sint-Truiden yesterday. The defense of the Buffalos in particular received a lot of criticism afterwards. Gert Verheyen went a step further tonight.

In Extra Time Gert Verheyen did not mince words about Ghent defender Igor Plastun. “He has so many presents away to the opponent. His position play was really bad against STVV. I just think he is not good enough. It depends on individual quality with him. When things go wrong at Ghent, it is so often Plastun who is guilty, “said Verheyen.

KAA Gent will take on KV Kortrijk in its next match. Then Jess Thorup heads to the Tawny Owl, where the first topper of the season awaits him.


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