Helmut Marko: ‘Mercedes will probably be dominant until 2022, will it make you nervous’


Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is not very hopeful about his team’s chances of keeping up with the supreme Mercedes this season. In fact, according to the Austrian, it will not succeed next year and he and his team get nervous about the speed of the cars of the German racing stable.

Earlier this year, Red Bull was still optimistic about their chances against the dominant Mercedes, but so far the team has had a really hard time and Mercedes has won the first three races of the season with relative ease and once again proved to have the fastest car . To make matters worse for the Milton Keynes team, the introduction of the new regulations has been postponed for another year and development will be frozen for next season. So they cannot make major changes to close the gap to Mercedes.

Helmut Marko also knows that things are not looking bright for his team and whether the fight for the title should wait until at least 2022, he responded: “Yes, absolutely, I’m sure. We can change very little, even in 2021, ” Helmut Marko told De Telegraaf. “That does not make it easy to overtake Mercedes. Adrian Newey is currently working on this to the bottom, but the horsepower Mercedes found this winter is yet another story. It all makes us nervous. ”


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