Helmut Marko: “Biggest problem with the chassis has been solved”


Max Verstappen managed to win the second Grand Prix of Great Britain in a phenomenal way yesterday. Afterwards, the Dutchman praised the improved balance in the car and Dr. Helmut Marko now explains why. According to the Austrian, the biggest problem with the chassis has now been resolved.

During the first races of the 2020 season, it became clear that Red Bull Racing’s RB16 was not yet the car that Verstappen could compete with for the championship. The car suffered from oversteer and understeer and had too little grip on various parts of the circuit. The balance in the car was anything but optimal and Alexander Albon was particularly bothered by that. However, after the second British Grand Prix, Verstappen and Albon announced that the balance in the car was good and that the car has definitely made progress. Marko now reveals that this is indeed the case.

Although Red Bull still lacks top speed compared to Mercedes, steps have been taken with the chassis. According to Marko, Red Bull has started to focus intensively on the problems with the balance and the biggest leak is now over. It is now a matter of optimizing, he says. “The biggest problem has now disappeared from our chassis, but there is still a small problem in it,” said the man from Graz in conversation with ABMS. “But we have always said that the World Championship is not over for us.”

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Verstappen indicated yesterday that we should not suddenly expect miracles from Red Bull Racing, not even with the high temperatures expected in Spain this weekend. Marko is a bit more optimistic. “It seems to be 34 degrees Celsius in Barcelona. After that there will be two Italian races. The temperature will be high there too. That is a plus for us”, he concludes.


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