Hélène Hendriks talks to Genee: ‘I honestly have what I think’


Johan Derksen wanted her to replace Wilfred Genee, but Hélène Hendriks is happy that Veronica Inside simply returns to the old line-up at the start of the new season. That announces the presenter at De Perstribune on NPO Radio 1.

“I think it’s a very nice program,” says Hendriks. Furthermore, she does not want to say too much about it. “I am not afraid to give my opinion, but I kept it in private. So much has been said, so much has been written … When I say something, it is again big in the newspaper and another riot is born. ”

It is no secret that Derksen wanted Genee to be replaced by Hendriks. “That’s called,” she admits. “I was also constantly asked: do you want to do it? I am sober, so when there is no concrete question, I do not have to think about it.”

Hendriks says she would not have fallen into ‘trouble of conscience’ if she had been allowed to take over from Genee. “Not at all. I drank coffee with Wilfred. He asked what I thought and I honestly said how I feel about it. I don’t think Wilfred thinks: what is she doing to me?

On Friday, Hendriks will be at the table with Derksen during the first Champions League broadcast since the corona outbreak. “It is not that he can hide his opinion. I think it will be very exciting television. I like a bit of sanding.” Veronica Inside returns September 11 on television.


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