Heavy rain and thunderstorms ravage parts of our country | Inland


According to the Weerplaza weather agency, the showers occur at a ‘killer pace’, it was reported at the beginning of the evening. A lot of water can fall locally, but hail and gusts of wind are also possible.

That doesn’t seem to be a lie. In Lunteren, cars were tens of centimeters under water. “Things are really going on here. It has never been so bad. Hailstones measuring 2.5 centimeters ”, Ronald Landlust reports in the Telegraaf tip line. A little further at a campsite, several campers have to spend the night at home. Their tents are flooded.

The A27 between Oosterhout and Hooipolder was closed in the direction of Gorinchem. There are too many branches on the road. “Are you driving in a rain shower? Adapt your driving style to the circumstances, ”Rijkswaterstaat says.

Large hailstones

It ‘haunted’ in some places, also saw Weer.nl. “After a maximum temperature of 36 degrees, it came to severe weather in Central Limburg!”

Images shared online show that trees are blown away by strong gusts of wind accompanied by rain and hail.

Camping under water

The same applies to Barneveld, where, according to weatherman Reinier van den Berg, there was a heavy shower. “Locally, it must be more than 50 mm!”, He reports on Twitter. Images show, among other things, that streets in Barneveld have become flooded. Bystanders saw the fun and grabbed their air mattress.

A cloudburst over Lunteren caused nuisance - and entertainment.

A cloudburst over Lunteren caused nuisance – and entertainment.

Flooding in the middle of the country

Damage occurs in various places in the Netherlands. In Barneveld, Gelderland, a house was struck by lightning and trees were blown over. A long facade collapsed at a company. In Lage Vuursche (Utrecht) the cellar of a restaurant flooded. A house in Brabant (Made) was also hit by lightning.

The heaviest thunderstorms hang over Brabant around 9 p.m.

A little further south in Genk, Belgium, heavy thunderstorms have also caused flooding. Part of the city’s flooded ring road had to be closed off. Storm damage has already occurred elsewhere in the country.


After a shower, the temperature drops. In Arcen, Limburg, the mercury dropped after a shower of more than 35 degrees to about 27 degrees. In Eindhoven, the temperature dropped from 35 degrees to just 20. On the other hand, more moisture is released into the air, making it humid and humid. can feel sticky.

This night it will not cool down further than 22 degrees in many places. In the cities it is often a bit warmer.


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