Heat wave starts tomorrow, possibly tropical warm for days


The heat wave that starts on Wednesday could just last a long time. Before there is any heat wave at all, it must be at least 25 degrees for at least five days in a row, of which three days at least tropically warm. But if we look at the models, that number of days may almost double.

Weer.nl reports this. On Wednesday, the mercury is expected to exceed 25 degrees for the first time. On Thursday, the temperature will continue to rise to 30 degrees. Sunday could already speak of an official heat wave. Regionally, the heat wave may have already been a fact. Especially in the south of the country it really gets warm.

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Eight tropical days

Many heat waves have passed after the five ‘obligatory’ warm days, but the upcoming one could take a lot longer. Weer.nl states that the upcoming heat wave in De Bilt can last nine days. Until August 14 it stays summer to tropical warm.

In the south it will be tropical warm from tomorrow and it will remain until August 12th. Yes, the south has no less than 8 tropical days ahead. The maximum temperature fluctuates around 35 degrees, but on Saturday it could even become 37 degrees locally.

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