Heat wave on the way: warning phase for ozone and heat …


The RMI predicts very warm weather from Wednesday, so the warning phase of the ozone and heat plan is activated from today / Sunday. This is reported by the Interregional Cell for the Environment (Ircel).

From Wednesday and especially the days after that, it will be chugging, with maximum temperatures well above 30 degrees in the center of the country. Ircel reports that the temperature indicator laid down in the federal ozone and heat plan has been exceeded, so the warning phase of that plan and of the Flemish heat action plan will take effect from today / Sunday.

No exceedances of the European ozone information threshold are expected in the next two days, but from Wednesday the combination of air pollution, heat and sun is likely to lead to an increase in ozone concentrations. It is not yet predictable whether these will exceed the European information threshold of 180 micrograms of ozone per cubic meter of air. In any case, Ircel warns if that is the case.


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