Healthcare personnel work themselves to the limit while their managers appropriate themselves a nice ‘corona bonus’ – De Daily Standaard


While nurses have gone all out in recent months to save lives, their supervisors have been given a secret cash bonus. The healthcare staff themselves do not see a single cent of this.

De Telegraaf reports today that they have internal documents showing that the health care staff of the Zaans Medical Center (ZMC) is furious about a financial bonus that was paid to the managers of the people who saved many lives of corona patients.

The worst thing is that the hospital’s works council found out about the bonus paid out by accident. The Works Council subsequently reported this to the Board of Directors of the ZMC, but not entirely coincidentally (something with the hands on the buttons) that led to nothing.

In a statement, the hospital shows itself at its worst, saying that the corona bonus to their managers “feels differently” to health workers. The ZMC states that it concerns a financial compensation for employees (read: MANAGERS) who are not paid their overtime. The bottom line is that the nursing staff should not complain like that, because they were paid for their hours worked.

You’re almost going to think it’s ZMC is part of shares at Ahold Delhaize, the pocket-filling parent company of Albert Heijn that sold supermarket employees – who worked hard during the corona crisis – with a voucher, but rewarded their shareholders with a substantial bonus.

The financial bonus is separate from the 1,000 euros that Minister Hugo de Jonge promised to all care workers. That amount has yet to be paid out.

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