‘He who lives by faith knows that everything’: A groom is infected a week before his wedding


Towards the end of time, an outbreak of the corona virus occurred at the Be’er Hatalmud yeshiva, under the presidency of Rosh Yeshiva Gaon Rabbi Yehuda Cohen. So far about 100 guys have been found positive for the virus – and this is not the end, as dozens are waiting for answers.

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The Talmudic Bar has two branches – one in Jerusalem and the other in the city of Netivot.

Last Tuesday, the first guy studying at the yeshiva received a message that he was found to be positive for the virus, after performing a test. Among the students who were found positive, there is also a groom who was supposed to get married this coming Tuesday – 14 Av, Or Tu Tu Bab, in the yard of the yeshiva building in Jerusalem.

In a conversation with Y. A., a student of the Be’er Hatalmud Yeshiva, he recounts: “The number is constantly rising. If I tell you a number, it will cost another minute… As of Friday, 55 people were infected in Netivot, and more than 70 in Jerusalem. At the moment, the yeshiva is taking care of hotels for everyone, both the isolated and the sick. The hotel will probably be in Arad. The meeting handles matters. The infection started in Zab. The Rosh Yeshiva’s prayers were successful and no patients were found until the end of time. ”

Weren’t there patients at all ‘summer time’?

“There were corona patients at the time, but they did not infect anyone.”

Why is there an outbreak right now?

“We always kept the rules until the end of time, so they saw that everything was fine, and that no one was infected, so they stopped keeping the rules. Because they stopped saving, at once it passed between everyone. We are happy that at least time has continued to the end. ”

Where are the patients and the isolated now?

“Most of the guys went home and there they were discovered blue in Corona. Now some of the guys are in the houses, some sitting.

In a conversation between Haredim 10 and D. K., the groom’s father, who was due to get married this coming Tuesday, he says: “My son contracted the virus, after being at a yeshiva in Jerusalem, where dozens of positive guys were found. The son was due to get married this coming Tuesday. He postpones the wedding to an unknown date. ”

Where is he currently?

“Now he is with us at home, in a separate room, but he needs to move to a motel. With the help of the name, he came out of it and everything will be fine. ”

How does it feel to postpone a wedding? It’s not easy to put off.

“He who lives by faith knows that everything is from God. We are in the hands of the Blessed One. God has already set the date for the wedding, write the date in heaven. When God wills, you do not know when. ”

It is significant to postpone the wedding.

“Certainly it was not easy at first that we found out he came out positive, but everything will be fine. It fell on him like thunder on a clear day, not simple at all. God leads us every moment, every step, we go according to the Creator of the world whenever He decides – the wedding will be. ”


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