“He has chats for ten, but …”


Friday, August 7, 2020 at

Real Madrid is visiting Manchester City from the Champions League after the 2-1 defeat. Johan Derksen sets up afterwards in the commentary SBS6 are arrows against Eden Hazard, who was totally invisible the Citizens and van Derksen should have been replaced before half time. That eventually happened in the 83rd minute.

“I actually thought the worst was Hazard”, Derksen opens his scathing speech. “The big games are decided by the big boys anyway. Hazard always has chats for ten, he thinks he is a great star, but we didn’t see him at all tonight. Actually, not the whole season. stood there for a long time, because I had already thrown it out before half-time, because that boy didn’t add anything. “

Real Madrid lost to two major mistakes by Raphäel Varane, who gave both goals as good as gifts to Manchester City. “It is terrible for that boy, because he is entirely responsible for the defeat on his own. Real Madrid did not play that bad at all, Karim Benzema was always dangerous”, says Derksen, who does not understand that Real Madrid necessarily wanted to go backwards. build up.

“You have the problem: if you are going to play around in the defense, and goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is going to participate, then you can wait for misery”, Derksen refers to some bad passes by the Belgian goalkeeper, who incidentally did not score any goals for City until. had consequences. “Add these kinds of mistakes by Varane to that, then you lose a match. While they played very well as a team.” Derksen believes that Sergio Ramos, who was suspended, was sorely missed at Real. “If Ramos is there, he is in charge, he coaches such a Varane. Then you don’t get around to such mistakes, because then he will be coached in advance what he has to do.”


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