Have you been storing ice cream incorrectly in the freezer all your life?


Chances are that you put an ice cream cup upright in the freezer at home, but according to the well-known ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s, that is the wrong way. You have to place the jar upside down to avoid ice crystals.

If you didn’t eat the ice cream cup all at once, you’ve probably noticed that ice crystals can form at the top. In English they call it freezer burn and according to the American ice cream producer Ben & Jerry’s, it makes your ice cream an “unsavory mess”.

“Over time, ice evaporates. As the moisture leaves the ice and joins forces with the moist ambient air, it freezes back on the surface of the ice, creating crystals, ”the company explains on its website. “What you are left with is a brew that is ice cold, crunchy and quite dirty.”

But what can you do to prevent it? Apparently putting the ice cream cup upside down in the freezer. “This causes the melted ice to drip into the lid, reducing the chance of ruining the still cold part.” But there are other ways. For example, you can put plastic foil or baking paper between the jar and the lid, it is best to place the ice cream cup at the very back of the freezer or simply eat the ice cream in one go.

Foto: Ben & Jerry’s


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