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Next week the competition will start in first division B with the youngsters of Club Brugge as the 8th team. “Now we have to be careful that we don’t see 1B as a filler”, says Harm van Veldhoven (Lommel SK), who has a similar project from the first division in the Netherlands.

“Very physical in 1B”

Club NXT is becoming the odd man out. The promises of Club Brugge will compete in 1B against 7 professional clubs.

“A good thing for Belgian football”, says Harm van Veldhoven, the CEO of Lommel, “but I don’t know about the quality of 1B yet.”

“We have to make sure that all the conditions are created for this project to be successful. That is why I think it is important that we evaluate this properly after one season. It cannot be the intention

that 1B is a kind of fill, where the promises can do their thing. ”

“Those guys undoubtedly have talent, but in 1B it is very physical. There you play for promotion or against relegation.”

“It is also the question whether the promises of Club Brugge can count on many supporters. In the Netherlands, Jong AZ brought less than 20 people. And at Jong Utrecht you had to chase children off the field before the match, that is not conducive. ”

In the Netherlands, Jong AZ raised less than 20 supporters.

Harm van Veldhoven

“Only after 4 years did Young Ajax and Young PSV level up”

When Harm van Veldhoven speaks about the Netherlands, he is talking about his time at FC Eindhoven and Roda JC, clubs from the first division. Promise teams have been playing in the second professional division for some time. This season these are Jong Ajax, Jong PSV, Jong Utrecht and Jong AZ.

The pledge teams have to earn to get to that level “, he thinks.” With us it is now 1 team out of 8, in the Netherlands there are 4 in a competition of 20 teams. Then you get a better ratio. ”

“But if you were to ask in the Netherlands now, they also say that two promising teams in the first division would work better to raise the level.”

“It took four years before Jong Ajax and Jong PSV really raised the level. You saw that those clubs kept some more experienced players in the promise team for longer to strengthen the team. Thus, Jong Ajax became in 2018 with a talented group. champion.”

Young Ajax became champion in the First Division, the Dutch 2nd division, in the 2017-2018 season.

“Friday in the base with U23, on Sunday with the first team”

“In the first division, a lot of boys from 18 to 20 years old play anyway. Young Ajax can hold their own, but Young Utrecht and Young AZ have a lot more trouble reaching the level”, Harm van Veldhoven continues.

“The promises can manifest themselves and that way they are more ready for the first team. You have to give them that.”

“We played with Roda once on Friday against Young Ajax. Matthijs de Ligt (now a defender at Juventus, ed.) Was in the base and on Sundays he was allowed to fill in for the first team. He also scored. not seen him in the first division again. ”

“You can call that competition distortion. Certainly in the run-up to a Champions League match, a top team sometimes let promising players rest.”

Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt learned the tricks of the trade at Young Ajax.

“Please compensation in TV money”

With a team in first division B, Club Brugge has a great opportunity to prepare young players for the big work faster. “That can be translated into the TV money, in the form of compensation,” says Harm van Veldhoven. “Because Club Brugge can reap the benefits of a season in 1B.”

“Wondering which guys are climbing up to A-team Club Brugge”

As a football fan, Harm van Veldhoven is curious about the youngsters of the national champion. “Personally I like to watch matches with those promising teams. I am curious which guys can make the step to the A-team of Club Brugge, such as De Ligt at Ajax, but also for which guys the first team may be just too ambitious. ”

“As a football fan, it will be fun to see Club Brugge’s greatest talents at work every week”, Van Veldhoven concludes.

Harm van Veldhoven

Former trainer Harm van Veldhoven is now CEO of Lommel SK.


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