Harel Skaat and Anya Buxtein – all day


Just before the corona took over our lives, Harel Skaat hosted Ania Buxtein in his show of the decade in what was supposed to be a one-time connection. But it turns out that the unusual period we are all currently experiencing caused the two to enter the studio together and leave with a new and intriguing single

It’s probably no secret that the Corona period invites us to interesting compositions, probably in the world of music, and this morning it happens with one of the most intriguing compositions of the period, in a new song by Harel Skaat in which he hosts Anya Buxtein.

Although Harel and Ania’s connection began on stage, at Harel’s Decade at Hangar 11, on sane days of performances, and was supposed to be one-off, the challenging days we all go through in the last five months have led the two to continue collaborating in the recording studio with a new single called “All Today, “the two wrote and composed together with Avi Ohayon.


Strong black in bed half sugar
Suddenly you and I became two of us
Even in the meantime that’s all

I kinda felt weird it would pass
I’m not a guy who falls falls off my knees
Even in the meantime

All day all day all day
What are you doing to me?
All day all day all day
It’s not normal
How long How long
Tell me some more time some time

All day all day all day
That’s what I want
All day all day all day
It’s not normal
How long How long
Please do not know how long how long

Come to me and tell me
I love you
tell me
I no longer want to sleep alone sleep alone
Take me from side to side

No need for more words to speak here now with the eyes
Come hug me a little and hold on tight
In both hands
We have time Take me and do not tell me where
Even if it’s not worth it, let’s see what happens

All day…

lyrics and poetry: Harel Skaat Avi Ohayon Anya Buxtein Processing: Ben Chopin Harel Skaat Musical production and mix: Ben Chopin


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