Hardly any incidents in Antwerp after cup win Antwerp (Deurne)


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Deurne –
After the victory of R. Antwerp FC on Saturday evening against Club Brugge in the final of the Cup of Belgium, things have remained very quiet in Deurne and the rest of the city. The police were present with quite a few troops near the Bosuil stadium, but hardly had to intervene.

The police say they are happy that the supporters of trunk number 1 behaved so responsibly on Saturday evening. “We understand that supporters want to throw a party, but that is simply not possible. Nice to see that many people respect the measures, ”says spokesman Wouter Bruyns.

Here and there, the police sometimes went to a café during the game where, for example, there was a screen on the terrace. “Those are a kind of events and they were not allowed. We have been able to mediate everywhere. Here and there people were also sitting on squares. They have also been asked to monitor the applicable measures. Everything went smoothly and understanding. Although, incomprehensibly, they came together again and again when the police left. So we continued to ‘watch’ there, ”says Bruyns.

After the game fireworks were scattered here and there. This was the case in the vicinity of the Wim Saerensplein, the Boekenberglei and the Alfons Schneiderlaan. In the Balansstraat, more in the south of the city, the police also received reports of nuisance from party supporters. A person could be caught at the Bosuil Stadium with so-called pyrotechnic material. “He was arrested administratively for disturbing public order. Lighting fireworks is also a violation of football law, ”says Bruyns.

Fifteen people also jumped into the water in the vicinity of the stadium. “They too have been asked to adhere to the applicable measures and to ensure that public order is safeguarded,” Bruyns concludes.


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