Hard criticism of Vanaken: ‘There is a reason why he still plays in Belgium’


Hans Vanaken did not give Club Brugge a cup win on Saturday evening. The two-time Golden Boot played a non-match, Tomas Taecke van The last news is very critical for the midfielder.

“It certainly was not the match of Club Brugge and certainly not the match of Hans Vanaken. The performance he put on the mat was simply a disgrace, ‘the newspaper says. “It was a very offday, Vanaken walked in as if it was a practice game against KM Torhout.”

Taecke sees a pattern in Vanaken’s performance, great against small teams but invisible when things get trickier. It is perhaps the explanation why Vanaken still plays with his qualities in his own country. “There is a reason why he still plays in Belgium despite his fantastic statistics. We mainly remember a penalty debacle from his past Champions League campaign. ‘

Of HLNjournalist demands more from Vanaken, the bar can be raised. ‘Vanaken is at ease in Knokke, with an annual wage by foreign standards. Within cycling distance of the club and with friends nearby. If he wants to stay with Club all his life, the bar can be raised a bit, right? It would be a great step if he could win Club over in this kind of match. “


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