Harbor porpoise spotted in the Amstel near Amsterdam | Inland


Monday morning, SOS Dolfijn was approached by people who thought they had seen a dolphin in the Amstel. The organization then asked around and someone was able to report that the animal had also been sighted in the same area a few days earlier. “Based on the description, both observations suggest that it is a porpoise, a small toothed whale,” said SOS Dolfijn.

The organization says it will keep an eye on the situation. According to SOS Dolfijn, porpoises are more common in rivers worldwide. Because they are solitary animals, there is “no immediate cause for panic.” But the sweet or brackish water can cause health problems. People who see the animal are asked to report this. “Clear features are the blunt snout and small triangular dorsal fin of a porpoise.”

In the summer of 2016, a porpoise was observed in the inland waters of Den Helder. The emaciated animal was found dead not much later in the vicinity of Krommenie. Two porpoises were already spotted near Amsterdam in 2013 and the species has also been observed in the Scheldt.


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