Hapoel Haifa in a letter to players: Cut another 15%


Hapoel Haifa is in talks with the league’s director for the safety net as promised by the Ministry of Finance, provided that the budget is reduced by 30%. Hapoel Haifa submitted the documents, but it does not meet the conditions and must lower the players’ salaries.

Today, the players who signed new contracts, including Almog Buzaglo, Gal Erel, Raz Stein, Liran Serdel, Ness Zamir, Miki Sirushtein and others, were surprised to receive a letter demanding a 15% reduction in their salaries. The demand from the Malul generation, Eden Ben Best, Capiloto and Ben Wahba tried to cut 30% of their salaries, as they hold a contract drafted before the Corona.

At the moment, the saga of the cuts does not pass quietly and the players refuse to cut. The owner, Yoav Katz, explained: “Everyone will have to cut back, this is not a simple situation. We want a good team, but everyone needs to enlist.”

Meanwhile, the candidacy of right-back, Adi Nemani, who left Hapoel Raanana is still on the agenda. This is due to the injury of Dor Malul and the fact that he has not yet cut his salary.

Hapoel Haifa’s response: “During a working conversation with the budget control this week prior to the budget approval, a demand was raised from the Ministry of Finance to increase the reduction in players’ salaries compared to last year (as part of the compensation plan for teams). In a graded manner according to the level of the salary and while having a dialogue with the players. “


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