Hapoel Beer Sheva: The roof is removed, Turner Stadium is not expected to open


The municipality’s announcement reads: “The professional team headed by the senior engineer-constructor, Israel David, submitted the summary of the engineering opinion to the municipality this weekend. In accordance with his unequivocal opinion, in light of the many defects discovered in the roof, there is a real danger to its stability. The roof and as it is decided later, re-erect it.

“As we have clarified, it is the safety and well-being of those who come to the stadium and its users which is, first and foremost, before our eyes and therefore, we are committed to acting in accordance with its opinion, as soon as possible. As a dangerous structure, so that the ban on the use of the facility for the purpose of ensuring public peace, will continue.

“Once things are clear and there are no other alternatives, we instructed the professionals to prepare in the coming weeks for the dismantling of the stadium roof and at the same time plan new lighting (the current lighting is installed on the roof structure), so we can get the stadium back in operation as soon as possible. The new lighting will be submitted in the coming days for approval by the municipality (we will update you as soon as we know for sure).

“Dear residents and fans, there is no doubt that this is a serious professional failure and once the issue has been brought to our attention, we work resolutely on the professional side (repair and use of the stadium) and the legal process (against those responsible for the situation). “We are very sorry that this is the case and we understand the uncomplicated consequences, but it is our duty to deal with them as professionally and quickly as possible.”


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