Hapoel Beer Sheva – Maccabi Tel Aviv: Live Report, Champion of Champions


One-sided game in the Champions League: Nick Blackman closely pushed the champion’s advantage goal (7) approved in the VAR intervention, and completed a double (32) after an excellent cooking by Eduardo Guerrero. The group of Aboksis is helpless

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The battle for the first title of the 2020/21 season kicks off tonight (Saturday) with the first of two games between Hapoel Beer Sheva and Maccabi Tel Aviv as part of the Champions League. The trophy holder is forced to host at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem due to the roof problems that led to the closure of Turner Stadium, and on Thursday the champion will host the rematch at the end of which one of the two teams will also lift a trophy and qualify for the Toto Cup final.

Yossi Aboksis is missing his foreign players who returned to Israel and were required to enter isolation, and newcomer Cynthiahu Sallich is also still unfit for the game. Itamar Shabiru, who returned from the question, started the attack alongside Case Ganem. The Yellows are still waiting for Yorgos Donis and have arrived for the game with interim coach Patrick Van Leven, who came up with Eduardo Guerrero, Matan Balteksa and Ofir Davidzada in the squad. Jonathan Cohen waited on the bench, while Sharan Yeni was off the roster. Itai Schechter is in isolation and Matan Hozaz and Shachar Phiben are injured.

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Fruitful season opener. Blackman celebrates (Photo: Danny Maron)

the progress of the game

  • 1‘

    Daniel Bar Natan kicked off the game

  • 4‘

    First attack by Maccabi Tel Aviv. Maor Kandil passed a dangerous wide ball, Levita input

  • 7‘

    Maccabi Tel Aviv went up to 0: 1. Almog took a breakaway from the champion and doubtfully kicked a message from the extension, Blackman pushed in close. The gate was initially disqualified, but approved with VAR intervention

  • 8‘

    Looked good in the first few minutes. Maccabi Tel Aviv players are celebrating

  • 10‘

    Naor Sabag received a yellow card after a brutal foul on Dor Peretz

  • 15‘

    Marwan Kabha also entered Bar Natan’s notebook after an aggressive foul on Glazer

  • 18‘

    Maccabi Tel Aviv almost won the second. Coral was once again left alone in the box, but his kick was repelled by Levita to the crossbar and out

  • 23‘

    Another very dangerous attack by Maccabi Tel Aviv. Blackman raised half-height to the free kick, which kicked from the air inches near Levita’s crossbar

  • 30‘

    Weak first 30 minutes of Beer Sheva. Yossi Aboksis (Photo: Danny Maron)

  • 31‘

    Case Ganem tried to squeeze a penalty from Eitan Tibi in the box, Bar Natan rightly ignored

  • 32‘

    0: 2 to Maccabi Tel Aviv. Dragged a hitch in Amit Bitton in the wing and raised a measured ball straight to the head of Blackman, who hit his second close

  • 35‘

    Beer Sheva’s first kick attempt. His break infiltrated the field, the ball eventually reached Gannem who kicked from 20 yards near Tenenbaum’s crossbar

  • 35‘

    Great collaboration. Blackman and Guerrero (Photo: Danny Maron)

  • 44‘

    Riken put a deep ball to Kandil, who kicked over the crossbar. Almost the champion’s 0: 3

  • 45‘

    Half Teddy. 0: 2 to Maccabi Tel Aviv in a completely one-sided game

  • 46‘

    Hapoel Beer Sheva opened the second half with a triple substitution. Eili Madmon, Tomer Yosefi and David Keltins entered

  • 52‘

    Itamar Shabiru used his hand to find the net after a dangerous attack by Beer Sheva. Bar Natan sculpted the gate rightly

  • 53‘

    Beer Sheva woke up at the start of the second half. Itamar Shabiru (Photo: Danny Maron)

The composition of the game


  • 30A. Dadia
  • 26E. Bitton
  • 20To. Tha
  • 5That. Jupiter
  • 13That. Goldberg
  • 55N. Sabag
  • 11R. Spoken
  • 8M. Kabha
  • 12K. Ganm
  • 9A. Break


  • 30M. Kandil
  • 18A. Tibi
  • 3M. Balteksa
  • 27A. Davidzada
  • 42D. breach
  • 6D. Glazer
  • 22A. ignorant
  • 39A. Dragged
  • 9N. Blackman
  • 29A. coral

coach:Joseph Abacus

  • A. Madmon
  • A. Yosefi
  • D. Keltins

coach:Patrick Van Leven


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