Hapoel Beer Sheva: Ben Bitton separates


Idan ended yesterday (Sunday) in the capital of the Negev, when defender Ben Bitton officially left Hapoel Beer Sheva – but of all the teams, he actually moved to one of the big rivals, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Already during last season, Bitton realized that he had lost his place in Hapoel Beer Sheva in light of Dadia and was asked to cut his salary very significantly, about 40 percent, and when the opportunity arose to join Maccabi Tel Aviv, which was looking for a right defender due to the departure of Andre Geralds, the defender was loaned and left Hapoel Beer Sheva at the end of seven years at the club, which included, among other things, three championships.

This morning, Bitton said goodbye in an Instagram post, in which he wrote: “Seven seasons ago, I joined Hapoel B’Shlosha. We had no pretensions then, we did not think about championships, I did not believe that was what would happen. All I wanted was to get into the lineup. I once said at one of the press conferences that in the future they will look at this group that was here in Be’er Sheva and understand that we have made history. Today everyone knows this is true.

“We changed history,” Bitton continued, “not only in the three championships, two championships, the trophy, the Toto Cup and twice the home stage in Europe, but we managed to sweep an entire city with us, the whole south, and when we played in Europe, we felt the whole country was with us. It was an exciting, big time, with amazing players, a huge team, an organization that went together all the way, for better or worse. ”

On the new situation, Bitton said: “Unfortunately, something has been wrong with us in the last two years, and I am not talking about the professional side, because it can happen to any team. Something in the connection between them all got a little lost, and I’m not the only one saying that, it hurts me most of all, because this connection was the thing that made us special. Sometime, I felt, maybe because I was sent to represent all the players, because they were showing me the way out. The truth? It hurts me, it hurts me. I remained the oldest player in the club, the only remnant of the pre-championship period, and they just broadcast to me: ‘Mitzino’. ”

In conclusion, Bitton wrote to the Hapoel BS team and the fans: “I choose not to slam the door, leave it open, I always leave doors open, and move on to play in a new team, in a new challenge, and as always I will give my all for the team’s success. Thank you BS, the city, the people, the fans, the team, the players, the management. Thanks to my agent Gilad Katsav, for the help, support and listening. It was a tremendous time, I knew people and friends who would go with me for a lifetime. I choose to take all the good in her, say a big thank you and look at my next challenge. Whenever we meet, I will come with a hug. ”


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