Handel sets up a committee headed by Roy Folkman to examine regulation on television


Minister of Communications Yoaz Handel announced today the establishment of a committee to examine the field of broadcasting in Israel, headed by Roi Folkman, who was a Knesset member on behalf of the All of Us party.

A statement from the minister said that “regulatory bodies do not meet existing needs. In recent years, the broadcasting market has experienced changes in the provision and consumption of content services, beyond consumption of content transmitted over the Internet, changes in the revenue structure of traditional broadcasters, new players entering the content market. And many technological developments that support and accelerate the change in the market. ”

The committee is expected to coordinate the work of the headquarters that has been done to date in the field, update it and recommend the necessary changes in the field of regulation.

The Ministry of Communications stated that the committee will examine the following areas: “Creating a uniform regulatory body for all broadcasters; targeting regulation; protecting quality local work; examining the proper regulation of news production and broadcasting; examining the proper regulation of ownership arrangements in the broadcasting market.”

Handel said that “the communications market is in an ongoing crisis, and regulation plays a big part in that. It requires us to recalculate all the basic assumptions. This is an archaic market whose rules were written in an analog age. The world is changing, and with it infrastructure and broadcast content. “There should be regulation. There are dozens of obstacles, and in places where regulation is required, the market is wide open.” The experience of former MK Roy Folkman will help him understand reality and make clear, quick and applicable recommendations. “


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