HAMST WATER BOTTLES! Tonight possibly no drinking water from the tap in large parts of the Netherlands – De Dagaily Standaard


It is currently very hot in the Netherlands. And to keep our moisture balance in balance, we hang with our mouths on the water tap en masse. We are even doing this with so many at the same time that the water use is so high that tonight the water pressure in a number of areas in the Netherlands will decrease sharply or disappear altogether.

Drinking water company Vitens warns that we should not be surprised if we can no longer tap water from our tap tonight. The water pressure is currently unprecedentedly high and that can mean that we have to make do with just a few water droplets or even worse: without water at all.

Since Thursday, when the heat wave started, no less than 30 to 50 percent more drinking water has been used compared to days with ‘normal’ temperatures. Vitens has therefore already set up an emergency page in which tips are given on how to use drinking water sparingly these days.

In fact, the water company is calling on people to stop watering their plants, to stop filling swimming pools with water, to shower for as short a time as possible, not to wash cars and not to use the washing machine …

The supermarkets today will probably quickly run out of bottled mineral water, as the recent past has already shown that the Dutch are excessively good at hoarding. That happened before with weed and even with toilet paper.

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