Hamilton was only 86 km / h slower than Verstappen with a flat tire


Lewis Hamilton suffered a flat tire in the last lap at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, but still secured the victory. The data now shows that Hamilton on three tires was only 86 kilometers per hour slower than Max Verstappen, who came rushing at full speed.

Hamilton seemed to be heading for a particularly simple afternoon during his home race. The reigning world champion left from pole position and soon disappeared from view of the competition. There seemed to be no problem in the sky, but fate struck in the last round: Hamilton’s left front tire broke down. With a flat tire, Hamilton had to finish his lap, knowing that Verstappen was trying to close the gap to him as fast as he could. Hamilton barely managed to send his W11 across the finish line before the Red Bull. The data now shows that Hamilton could still drive extremely fast on three wheels.

From the speed traps it appears that Hamilton managed to reach a top speed of 319.8 kilometers per hour at Silverstone on four wheels. This made him the fastest driver on the track in terms of top speed. Verstappen did not exceed 316.9 km / h. Remarkably, the Dutchman was unable to reach the top speeds that Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly managed to achieve. The drivers of AlphaTauri managed to reach 318.3 km / h and 317.4 km / h on their counter respectively. The real surprise, however, lies in the speed that Hamilton managed to achieve with a flat tire.

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Mercedes just shared a message on Twitter, stating that Hamilton managed to reach a top speed of 230 km / h on three tires on Hangar Straight, the long straight between Chapel and Stowe. With this, the reigning world champion was only 86 km / h slower than the upcoming Verstappen. This statistic is even more remarkable, given that Hamilton managed to drive this speed on completely worn hard tires, while Verstappen had a fairly new set of softs under his car.


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