Hamilton lashes out: ‘Ferrari did not let Vettel excel’


Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has lashed out at Ferrari. The Briton takes on for his former title competitor Sebastian Vettel. Ferrari has not let him excel enough in the eyes of the Mercedes driver.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton fought twice for a world title as Ferrari and Mercedes drivers. In both 2017 and 2018, the Briton ultimately won the longest straw. In the past two years, Vettel has had no real chance of winning the world title. But also in marriage with Ferrari cracks started to appear, which eventually led to a break.

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Hamilton was joined Sky Sport Italia asked about Vettel’s situation at Ferrari. “At the moment I don’t think he got the platform to show himself. His team has left him out in the cold before and you just need a team that can take you as a driver to greater heights. You have to support each other ”, says the reigning world champion.

Lately it has been buzzing with rumors that Vettel is going to Aston Martin. It is said to have been settled with the owner of the team, Lawrence Stroll. Vettel denies these rumors. Hamilton hopes that his former title competitor will start working at Aston Martin.

“I look forward to his future. I hope he goes to Aston Martin. They have a plan and a car with potential. Vettel has the opportunity to lead the team. He is not yet ready in Formula 1, “said the Brit.

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Photo: Motorsport Images


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