Hamilton and Vettel express dissatisfaction: “Formula 1 lets us down”


Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are not at all satisfied with the way in which Formula 1 deals with the fight against racism. According to both gentlemen, the royal class of motorsport is not heard enough and they have “dropped” the drivers.

Hamilton has been at the forefront of the fight against racism since the beginning. The Brit tries with many initiatives to draw attention to the diversity problem in the world. He managed to get Mercedes to wear her cars in a black livery and a statement can be made for every race by means of a kneel. Formula 1 itself launched the # WeRaceAsOne initiative, but according to Hamilton and Vettel, that is definitely not enough. According to them, the sport has made it easy and they are now leaving the drivers to their own devices in the fight against racism.

In Hungary, the statement against racism was a mess. Not all drivers knew where to gather and in addition, again not everyone participated in the kneeling. After the race, Hamilton contacted Vettel to find out what he thinks about it. “Sebastian and I had text messages on the subject,” Hamilton said Speedweek. “He and I realize how important it is for us to continue to move. We need to sit down with the Formula 1 leadership because they need to do this better. We need more time to organize such actions.”

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Vettel fully agrees with the words of his colleague. “It should not be up to us as drivers to organize something like this. After all, we are not responsible for the layout of the race weekend. We try to convey a message, a message that we fully support. But after the first race, the motorsport association the FIA ​​and Formula One Management are abandoning us. They have not helped us to achieve anything, “said a very critical Vettel.


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