Hamilton after spectacle finish at Silverstone: “My heart almost stopped” | formula 1


Lewis Hamilton has pocketed his 7th Grand Prix victory in Britain, but it has taken more effort than he might have expected. In the last lap he had a puncture at the front and he still had to fight to keep Max Verstappen away. “I’ve never experienced this before.”

The proverbial audience at the Silverstone circuit held their breath as Hamilton punctured in the last lap. “Until that last round everything went relatively smoothly,” said the World Cup leader afterwards. “Bottas went really well, I tried to save my tires a bit. When I heard that he had problems, I looked at my tires and they looked okay.”

“I started to slow down a bit in the last laps, but in the last lap the tire started to deflate. I felt my heart pound in my throat. I could see how the rubber was coming off. I could only but pray that I could keep driving and that I wouldn’t be too slow. I thought I wouldn’t be able to take the last two turns. ”

“I really got chills. I was constantly getting information about my lead and Verstappen was fast approaching. I have never really experienced anything like this in the last round. My heart almost stopped.”

Verstappen: “I was lucky and unlucky at the same time”

Max Verstappen just drove into the pits when Lewis Hamilton started to struggle with his tires. Without that stop, Verstappen could still have won the victory, but he did not want to dwell on that afterwards. “Second place is a good result.”

“Mercedes was really too fast, for me it was a lonely race actually. So I was lucky and a bit unlucky.”


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