‘Half of TBS patients in the long-stay ward end up somewhere else’ | NOW


Half of patients who have ended up in a long-stay ward of a TBS clinic in recent years, half end up in a less secure care institution, reports Faithful Monday based on figures from the National Advisory Committee on Placement of Long-term Forensic Psychiatric Care (LAP). Some of the long-stay patients now even live independently.

From February 2011 to November 2019, LAP advised on 223 TB patients in long-stay wards, long-term forensic psychiatric care units. According to Faithful 98 of them still stay in such a ward, 99 patients have ended up elsewhere and 26 patients have died.

Of the 99 patients who no longer reside in a long-stay ward, 15 now live independently. The other patients live in mental healthcare institutions where they have more freedom, have ended up in elderly care or are following a counseling program.

TBS has ended in 29 former patients. Most of them are still under surveillance. In recent years, it has happened six times that a TBS person had to return to a long-stay department.

‘More attention to perspective’

Tbs patients in long-stay wards have had therapy for many years, but according to practitioners, they are not yet ready for a safe return to society. That is why the department focuses on stabilizing problems and improving the quality of life and less on treatment.

This creates the image that the patients have little perspective. According to the LAP, however, more attention has been paid to perspective in recent years.

For example, practitioners, external experts and representatives of healthcare institutions discuss during a so-called care conference how a breakthrough in a patient can be achieved. “For two hours there will be talked about what possibilities there are. Because there is a wide group of experts present, it prevents blind spots,” says lawyer Abdel Ytsma of Bureau TBS Advocaten in Faithful.

Because of the positive results of the discussions, the care conferences now take place after eight instead of fifteen years, LAP secretary Ellen Leentvaar-Loohuis tells the newspaper.

The Netherlands had about 1,300 TBS people last year.


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