Half of Dutch holidaymakers are positive about traveling despite corona


The holiday plans for this year have been largely changed by the corona virus. Still, more than half of Dutch holidaymakers say that they will travel as often or even more often in the near future than before.

This has emerged from research by Vliickets.nl. Despite the corona virus, the majority of the 1,200 respondents are optimistic about their vacation plans.

Book more consciously

40 percent of those surveyed plan to travel as often as before in the next two years. Almost 15 percent say they even travel more often. 37 percent say that travel depends on developments surrounding the corona virus. Just under 8 percent say they will travel less often in the near future.

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More than two-thirds of travelers say that they think more consciously about holidays in the future. This mainly concerns the safety of the trip, but also the destination and the airline play a role in the choice. “We see that many travelers are becoming more selective in their choice of travel organization and destination,” says Sander van Veen of Vliickets.nl. “Safety is paramount in this.”

This photo shows travelers at Schiphol Airport. The number of flights has increased, since more European countries are accessible to Dutch people.
Despite the corona virus, most of the 1,200 respondents are optimistic about the holiday plans. photo: ANp / Koen van Weel


Yesterday it was announced that the number of people who misbehave at an airport or on an airplane is increasing significantly. This was evident from figures from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar). In total this year already involves 25 incidents involving violence, ignoring instructions from flight crew, smoking on board and not wearing a mask.

The increase in the number of rioters on airplanes appears to be exacerbated by the corona crisis. Passengers on board are faced with more restrictive measures than usual, such as less service, sometimes no alcohol, less freedom of movement and the mandatory mask.

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Half of Dutch holidaymakers are positive about traveling despite corona


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