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Fourteen hairy nocturnal predators, which fell from the nest when they were chicks, were released into the wild in recent days at the Rosh Tzipor bird park, after undergoing a process that included treatment, rehabilitation and acclimatization.

השעירים שהחלימו וגדלו במתקן הייעודי, לפני השחרור. צילום: סוזן יוסף

The hairy ones, who recovered and grew up, in the designated facility before release. Photo: Susan Yosef

They fell from their nests during the last spring, but survived thanks to the dedicated care they received at the Safari Wildlife Hospital and the Rosh Tzipor Bird Park, which is shared by the JNF and Ganei Yehoshua-Tel Aviv Municipality. They were treated and raised by the hospital staff for about two months After an acclimatization process, during which they learned for another two weeks in the “Bird’s Head” park how to get along in their natural environment, their exciting release began.

הצוות מעניק טיפול מסור לשעירים הקטנים. צילום: סוזן יוסף
The staff provides dedicated care to the little goats. Photo: Susan Yosef

Here the devoted goats are treated with devotion

The common goat comes to us from Africa in the spring season to nest here and continue the lineage. It is the smallest nocturnal predator in Israel, whose food mainly includes insects. In autumn the hairy ones migrate back to the African continent and there they spend the winter season. Last spring, during the nesting season, many chicks that fell from nests around the country were collected and brought to the hospital on safari. It is speculated that the heat waves that were in this period caused the distress that led to their fall. The bio chicks were also common hairy chicks that suffered from various injuries like limb and wing injuries, abnormal thinness and more.
The dedicated hospital staff began a rehabilitation process and helped stabilize the condition of the injured chicks and return them to a fit condition. The chicks received care and feeding and all this in a process that prevents imprinting. This means that the chicks have been treated in a way that they will not be too attached to humans and will not think that whoever is caring for them is their real parents. All this so that they can later return to nature and live independently of humans.

From the designated facility back to nature

After spending about two months in the hospital, the 14 goats were transferred to a “soft” release at the Bird’s Head Bird Park. There they were weighed, measured and given a ring attached to their legs for tracking purposes. “Soft” release means that the chicks have been transferred to a dedicated release facility that is in nature and built especially for them. This is so that the animals in it will gradually get used to the natural environment and the release will not take place sharply. During the two weeks they were in the facility, the chicks continued to receive food and drink. When the long-awaited moment arrived, the facility opened and the chicks got out of it and entered it in their free time, as they wished. The staff at the place continued to provide them with food and drink if they needed it, when they went out and were unable to hunt for their food on their own. To check their behavior at the facility before they were released and after they returned to the facility, the staff used a surveillance camera provided by the JNF.

שעיר מצוי. הדורס הקטן בארץ. צילום: לירן קניאל

Hairy is common. The smallest nocturnal predator in the country. Photo: Liran Kaniel

Yaron Cherka, the JNF’s chief birder, summed up the rescue operation of the chicks: “In recent days, the successful release of the goats has ended. Some have remained in the bird head area and their voices are heard in the bird park every night. We at the KKL-JNF hope that after the winter, at least some of the goats will return to the Rosh Tzipor bird park, and maybe even put the next generation of goats in the park. ” He added: “Bird Park It is a place that provides refuge for birds, animals and people who connect with nature. There are interesting tutorials and activities such as night safaris, during which we may be able to watch the released goats. ”
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