Gym wants to help mayor Hubert Bruls with weight loss


Hubert Bruls has to work on his own weight. That is the remarkable appeal of the Association of Exclusive Sports Centers (VES). And one of the gyms affiliated with VES, My Healthclub in Nijmegen, wants to help the Mayor of Nijmegen. “He is very welcome with us”.

VES called on Bruls, as chair of the national security council, to draw more attention to the practice of fitness in the fight against the corona virus. He was also called on to do something about his weight. If Bruls does indeed respond to the call of VES and wants to exercise, he is welcome at My Healthclub in Nijmegen. The gym is VES. “He is very welcome to us,” says Nadia of the gym. “And when he comes, he receives personal training as a welcome gift.”

‘Advice Bruls hits millions of Dutch people’

VES has 108 fitness clubs with about 150,000 members. The association says that about a quarter of its members have recently stopped exercising after the gyms have been temporarily closed due to the corona virus. “Worrying,” says Richard van Riel as director at VES

“Our appeal to the Mayor of Nijmegen is intended to ensure that fitness centers can play an active role in the fight against Covid-19. We fear that there is insufficient insight into the role played by fitness clubs in the Netherlands in relation to public health,” continues Van Riel. “And even though Bruls is not responsible for public health, his advice to the cabinet and OMT about whether or not to close fitness centers affects millions of Dutch people.”

‘Do not act like Boris Johnson’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently made an appeal to exercise more to lose kilos, to eat healthier and to become fitter. Bruls should do the same, according to VES. “Without disqualifying all fat people, the fact is that obesity becomes a life-size problem if not actively intervened. The call to Bruls is serious. Continue your good fight against the virus, reduce your weight and do just like Boris Johnson. Realize that the role fitness and exercise centers play in this is crucial. ”

In addition, Van Riel says the following: “Mr Bruls must realize that he has an exemplary role. Fifty percent of 20+ people are now overweight in the Netherlands. The group with morbid obesity is increasing.”

Hubert Bruls has not yet commented on the story. At VES they hope that he will still do that.


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